Furniture is basic need at every home. Everyone needs furniture to make their home more unique as they reflect the image and quality of people staying over there. If you are staying in Bangalore and need to standardize your life style and want to make awesome design and unique design furniture then Eeshan HandyMen Services is here to help you and make your furniture looks awesome as we are experienced carpenter who provides excellent Carpentry Services. Eeshan HandyMen Services provides the services which are as follows:

  • Furniture Assembling
  • Door Hinges Repair
  • Door lock fixing
  • Parquet Flooring

  • Gypsum Partition
  • Wooden Partition Services

Professional Expert Bengaluru HandyMen

Bangalore Carpenters and Furniture Assembling:

Eeshan HandyMan Services provides Carpenters who are the best in bangalore, they not only create furniture but also take care and build according to latest design. So if you are looking for carpenter to manufacture furniture then we can provide you the services you need. We also repair wooden furniture that is old or damaged.

Door Lock Fixing:

We care for your safety. Hence we also provide services to fix door locks and if you are looking for door hinges repair then your find will come to an end in only one service provider that is. If your door lock is not working properly and you are in danger of your safety then call us for fixing door locks and for repairing door hinges.

  • Carpenters are efficient and professional people.
  • We fix all types of door locks and also door hinges.
  • Carpenters care for you and family so please make your doors and windows locks and hinges fix as soon as possible.
  • Repair those wooden products as defective piece looks awkward at home

Carpenter’s Parquet Flooring & Partition Service:

Our firm also provide flooring services and we do parquet flooring so that your house looks awesome. If you are looking for temporary or permanent wooden Partition then we are here to help you out. So if you are looking for carpentry service then please contact us.


Bangalore Carpenters know the value of customer’s need and hence we are dedicated to high level performance work. We are capable of fixing any carpentry issues and also capable of manufacturing new furniture.

  • We can do every type of carpentry services like making new furniture, making sofa, dining tables and chairs, TV tables, study desks, wooden cupboards etc.
  • Along with all these we also fix damaged furniture and also fix locks of doors.
  • Bangalore Carpenters provide service for Parquet flooring.
  • Also do the wooden partition.

We Care:

So if you are looking for any of the above services in Bangalore then don’t wait till the last moment as Eeshan HandyMan Services has the professional carpenters who can solve your carpentry issues within fraction of time. We are well known and highly appreciated from all corners. We care for our client and their needs.